The Silver Star Property Owners Association continually updates this area with announcements of upcoming events and activities as well as items of interest for the benefit of everyone at Silver Star Resort. Members are also encouraged to see our newsletters after they have logged in to the members area for more details.

Latest Announcements from SSPOA:

  • Important Dates Next Week

    Your Silverhawk bill is due by September 19, 2021 This is a reminder that if you wish to save 5% on your outrageous Silverhawk Utilities invoice you received for the 2020 sewage usage, then payment must be made prior to September 19. As you make that payment, please join the community in voicing your objection … Read More

  • Update #1 – Silverhawk 2020 Invoice

    Silverhawk raises their rates yet again! In 2021 we are seeing an additional 15%! When is ….ENOUGH just not ENOUGH? Tell our government that an unregulated 28% increase over 2 years is OUTRAGEOUS! GET INVOLVED and voice your concerns! In our previous newsletter we asked our members and the community at large to undertake a … Read More

  • Silverhawk – Enough is Enough!

    Silverhawk has raised their rates by 15% for the retroactive 2020 billing period.  Tell our Government…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Yes, our sewer rates are higher yet again!  The Silverhawk invoice you just received shows a 15% increase with the fixed fee for a residential house or vacant lot increased to $961.19, and the metered rate go up to … Read More

  • June 2021 Newsletter – Enough is Enough!

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  • March 2021 Newletter

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  • Please Renew Your 2021 SSPOA Membership

    Dear SSPOA Members, We are sure that most are heartily pleased to see the back of 2020! One of the consequences of Covid and social distancing is we have seen a significant drop in members paying their annual membership fee. We usually collect most of individual membership fees at the AGM and because there was no … Read More

  • Fortis to Acquire Assets of StarGas, Invitation to Virtual Town Hall Meeting

    In ongoing communications with Fortis relative to their purchase of the StarGas Utility, Fortis has asked the SSPOA to distribute a letter to the residents of Silver Star. The letter below provides information for residents, associations, businesses and other key stakeholders regarding: how to access the Fortis project webpage: how to sign up for the … Read More

  • December 2020 – AGM Postponed

    Postponement of your AGM The Board of Directors of the Silver Star Property Owners Association has decided to postpone the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The current Provincial Health regulations do not allow for gatherings of the nature of the SSPOA AGM, and that won’t change by the end of the year when our meeting … Read More

  • StarGas Sells To FortisBC!

    FortisBC announces the purchase of Stargas Utilities Inc. Today FortisBC and Stargas Utilities, the utility that has supplied natural gas to Silver Star for the last 21 years, announced that FortisBC will be purchasing Stargas. This announcement comes in the middle of ongoing Stargas proceedings at the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) for the review of both … Read More

  • November 2020 Newsletter

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