AGM Minutes (Draft)
December 28, 2021
Via Zoom


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The Meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by the President, Mike Waberski. This being a ZOOM meeting, there were 64 homeowners represented by meeting registration.

The Executive board members were introduced. It was noted that Roger had moved off the mountain mid-2020, leaving a vacant position on the board for the balance of the year. The Chair passed on Bill Crum’s regrets.

Adoption of the Agenda:

  • MOTION: with one addition to the Agenda (recognition of Russ Mills), the Agenda was approved as circulated. M/S/C

The Minutes of the Last Meeting:

  • MOTION: to approve the Minutes of the 2019 AGM as circulated and posted via a link to the website. M/S/C. It was noted that last year the AGM was not held due to Covid restrictions.

The President’s Report:
The President’s Report was presented with the following highlights: Community Projects:

  • Ski Way Access and Signage Project

Wildfire Safety and Response – Steering Committee has been formed Community Efforts:

  • Enough is Enough Campaign – Silverhawk invoices
  • BC Winter Games – a call out for Volunteers in February
  • FireSmart Chipping Program
  • Introduction of the BearSmart Initiative being undertaken by the SSRA

The Treasurer’s Report:
The Treasurer’s Report was circulated to all registrants along with their Zoom invitation to the meeting. Sheryl Bolton went over the Financial Statements, the year-end Financial Report, and the Proposed Budget for the coming year.

  • MOTION: to accept all of the financial information, including the Proposed Budget as distributed. M/S/C

Member Engagement
Loreen Ruault spoke briefly about changes to the website, encouraging members to familiarize themselves with the information posted therein, with attention to the “members only” section. Strata owners will still need to formally register on the website so that we can communicate with them, even though their fees are not paid personally.

The SSPOA has been actively communicating with the membership throughout the year via newsletters sent on a regular basis. These are also posted to the website.

The SSPOA currently has a member base of 642, of which only 142 are residential owners with the remainder being strata owners. There will be a push in the new year for more residential owners to sign up, as well as to pursue those 40 whose membership expired in 2020 but not renewed.

Safe Communities
Maura McCarthy gave a presentation on the following topics:

  • FireSmart – we are now a recognized FireSmart Community
  • Block Watch – progress with 7 co-captains in various neighbourhoods, a volunteer is needed for the Ridge
  • Street Clearing and Parking on Roads – the Importance of NO Parking on Roadways
  • Knoll Street Light Replacement – history, explanation of replacement, cost, responsibility, etc.

Utilities Services Committee
Ross Foden presented information on the following topics:

  • Silver Star Transfer Station Changes StarGas Utilities Update Silverhawk Utilities Update
  • Executive Nominations & Election
  • Bill Crum was thanked for his years and contribution to the Board and to the community. Bill was not seeking re-election. As well, Roger Harper sold his Silver Star property and thus created a second vacant position.
  • Several board member’s terms were up, and allowed their names to stand for re-election (Ross Foden, Loreen Ruault, Sheryl Bolton, Mike Waberski, Eric Dickie, Maura McCarthy, Lindsay Brennan), and there were two other nominees (Mark Chapman, Jake Buziak ) put forward by the current Board. There were no other names put forward.

MOTION: to close nominations and elect all whose names were put forward. M/S/C

The new Board will consist of:

BAZIUK, Jake – 1 year Term
BOLTON, Sheryl – 2 Year Term
BRENNAN, Lindsay – 2 Year Term
CHAPMAN, Mark – 1 Year Term
DICKIE, Eric – 2 Year Term
FODEN, Ross – 2 Year Term
McCARTHY, Maura – 1 Year Term
RUAULT, Loreen – 1 Year Term
WABERSKI, Mike – 2 Year Term

Board and Committee positions will be decided at the first Board meeting of the New Year.
Guest Presentation – Amanda Shatzko from Area C
Amanda began with formal recognition of Russ Mills for his 25 years of Service with the Silver Star Firefighters, followed with a thank-you from Russ himself.

Other topics addressed were:

  • Wildfire Preparedness – from RDNO perspective. Waste Transfer issues
  • Silverhawk – potential sale and purchase
  • Ski way signage

Ms. Shatzko addressed several questions from the members after the presentation.
Guest Presentation – Ken Derpak with SSMR
Ken began with a summary of summer 2021

  • New bike trails were built or improved upon
  • village pump track was built
  • slopestyle course on Silver Queen was built
  • other enhancements were made on key trails
  • SSMR hosted Crankworx which was broadcast on RedBull TV

For the Summer of 2022, building of more trails has been planned, as well as a mountain top interpretive hiking trail.
Ken talked about “Play Forever”, which is a commitment by Powdr to contribute a percentage of revenue to local non-profits. So far $140,000 has been contributed in dollars as well as in-kind contributions being made.

For the current winter season, the intent is to go forward with events, subject to Covid restrictions.

  • 12 days of holidays
  • Over the hill downhill
  • Seismic Event
  • Sovereign to Silver Star Event

All events will be posted on the SSMR website, with updates as necessary.
Resort Master Plan – has been approved by the FLRNO (Prov Gov), and a link to this will be posted on the SSPOA website.
Mr. Derpak addressed several questions from the members after the presentation.

Mike thanked everyone who took the time to attend the virtual AGM, and reminded everyone to look for the first newsletter in the New Year where we will be asking homeowners to once again send in their $20 registration fee for the coming year.

The meeting was terminated and 6:17 pm with thanks to all who attended.

2021 AGM Minutes – Draft