AGM Update
Meeting Format Changes

Please take the time to read the important information contained in this newsletter. Your directors have had to make major changes to how your AGM will be run compared to those held in the past. The rapid spread of Omicron has changed the dynamics of the Board’s decision making, and we now feel that it is prudent to change the format to ZOOM only.

You will have received our last  Newsletter announcing our 2021 Annual General Meeting to be held on December 28, 2021. Whereas we initially planned a hybrid of in-person attendance and ZOOM attendance, in light of the new Covid variant and in the interest of keeping our community safe, we feel that the responsible decision is to host the AGM exclusively via ZOOM.  This decision was not made lightly, and we sincerely hope that in a year’s time all this will be behind us.  As indicated in our previous communcations to you, all participants must pre-register on the SSPOA website by midnight December 26th.


2021 and 2022 Membership Fees
To register for the AGM, you must be a paid-up member for 2021. This can be completed online using PayPal or E-Transfer. For Group Strata members you must simply register. Your 2021 fees have been paid.

Please note that, due to Covid protocols, this year we will NOT be accepting 2022 fees at the AGM as we have been in the past. You can renew your membership for 2022 on or after January 1, 2022 using the online membership renewal at the SSPOA website We will send out a reminder in January and we sincerely hope that you will pay your membership dues to enable the SSPOA to continue its work into 2022 without interruption. Group memberships for Stratas will be automatically renewed by the SSPOA.

Voting at the AGM
We will use ZOOM Polls  to adopt 5 motions, and Directors will be voted in through the Election Buddy voting system. Further details as to how Polling will work will be provided with the ZOOM invitation.  If you don’t receive the ZOOM  link on December 27th be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

Director nominations will be held during the meeting and those names  nominated will be posted on the screen.  Once nominations close, ZOOM Participants will receive an email from “Election Buddy Elections” App for electronic voting for the candidates listed. You will have 15 minutes to complete and return your selection electronically. The system is very straight forward to use, will allow nominations from the floor, and the maximum number of directors to be voted in, should such an election be required.

The electronic results will be tabulated during the two presentations following the business meeting of the AGM.

AGM Agenda

  • Meeting called to order
  • Opening remarks and introductions: Mike Waberski
  • Adoption of the agenda (ZOOM Poll)
  • Minutes of the 2019 AGM : Loreen Ruault (ZOOM Poll)
  • Presidents report: Mike Waberski
  • Treasurers report and 2021-22 Budget: Sheryl Bolton (ZOOM Poll x3)
  • Member Engagement Report: Loreen Ruault
  • Safe Community Report: Maura McCarthy
  • Utility Services Committee Report: Ross Foden
  • Executive Nominations and Elections
  • Presentation: RDNO by  Amanda Shatzko, Area “C” Representative
  • Presentation: Silver Star Mountain Resort Update by Ken Derpak, Managing Director
  • Election Results and Adjournment

Should you have any questions, please direct these to

Your Board of Directors
Silver Star Property Owners Association

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