Safer Communities, One Block at a Time

For more information please visit the Block Watch website at

You Are Living in a Block Watch Neighbourhood And You Are Invited to Participate with Us

To participate and be an active member of this group all you need to do is:

  • Share an interest in community safety with your neighbours
  • Be aware of who lives in your neighbourhood
  • Share your address and contact information with your co-captain and participating neighbours
  • Watch out for each other and each other’s property
  • Report suspicious and criminal activity to police and your Block Watch Captain/Co-Captain
  • Attend an annual Block Watch meeting or Block Party if you can

The benefits of joining a Block Watch:

  • Experience lower crime rates in your neighbourhood
  • Attend Suspect Identification Training and become an expert witness
  • Direct access to a police officer and resources to assist with neighbourhood issues
  • Free security assessment walk-about in your neighbourhood or complex
  • Learn techniques to make your home less attractive to a property crime thief
  • Receive information about security hardware for your exterior doors/windows
  • Receive important information about suspicious, nuisance or criminal activity in your neighbourhood

You will receive:

  • E-mails from the Captain or Co-Captain updating you of suspicious and/or criminal activity that they become aware of or is reported to them
  • Timely crime prevention tips, and other tools only available to Block Watch members

Join now: 

For more information contact either the team Captain or Co-Captain: 

Captain: Maura McCarthy

Co-Captain in Your Area: contact Maura

How to Become a Co-Captain:

  • Submit a criminal record check
  • Attend one training session
  • Canvass your area and create a map, showing which neighbours belong to the program, where they live, and how to reach them if need be. This is how neighbours help each other directly. 

Bike Theft Prevention Message from Mountaintop Security
The 2020 Bike Season is upon us (Rain or Shine!)
Fortunately, Silver Star does not record many bike thefts each year, but they do and will occur occasionally.
Some friendly reminders on how to stay attached to your bikes this summer:
  • Only 20 percent of bike owners record their bike serial numbers and have pictures of their bikes. Don’t be amongst that 80 percent who don’t have this information on hand.
  •  Download your bike’s description on the App 529Garage/Project 529. It is free and is a wider community database tool to assist in recovering your bike if stolen. Most police agencies in BC and elsewhere are partnered with that program. If you make modifications to your bike after you enter it on this App, please update your information on the App after the fact to keep it current
  • Remember, if you are considering buying a pre-owned bike from an unknown source, that App can be used as an additional measure to see if the bike is possibly on that data base as stolen (before you buy).
  • If you live on the mountain, keep your bike secured and out of view when not in use.
  • While cable locking your bike to your vehicle bike rack is better than nothing, it can still very easily be breached by criminals “in the buisness” of bike thefts. We had one last summer parked outside that occurred at 3:23 a.m. parked outside a condo structure. The camera review footage that I conducted confirmed the two thieves knew exactly what they were looking for and where it was. Happened very quickly.
  • If you are biking and stop in the main village to eat or attend any retail locations, keep your bikes situated within the center of the main village for optimal oversight.
  • If you do have the misfortune of having your bike stolen, call the local VERNON RCMP at 250-545-7171 to file a report. Please also advise guest services so that security can be made aware of the theft for follow up inquiries and camera reviews in support of the police.
  • With the increase in home construction activity at the resort, this will also attract the criminal element looking for easy targets of opportunity. Tools and bikes are ” hot commodities and thieves will grab either or both if visible and insecure.
Finally, for those of you who live at Silver Star, you are the eyes and ears of “your community”. If you see something ongoing that appears suspicious, especially during the evenings or nights, please gather as much detail as you can in a safe manner, then please call security at 250-503-7716(c), and we will gladly investigate and involve the police as/when appropriate.
In the end, the old adage is relevant: “lock it or lose it” and “out of sight, out of mind”.